Vegan Run Mission

We want to Inspire: We promote a healthy lifestyle, in harmony with our body and in harmony with nature.



The Vegan Run is an event gathering runners who are vegan, vegetarian, “vegan friendly” or simply interested in their ethical or “pro-health” aspect of veganism. Running is a manifestation based on the philosophy of our conscious life. The result isn’t the most important part, but rather the joy it brings
… because running is easier than you think!



The Vegan market gives a unique opportunity to taste, and a chance to open up to new flavors and marvelous cuisine. You can learn about new trends and exchange experiences and knowledge between strangers, as well as accompanying lectures. The Vegan Market is an ideal moment to interest the larger group of participants, as well as those who are new to Vegan culture
… because healthy eating is easier than you think!



The organizer donates 10 zlotys from each purchased package to the shelter in Korabiewice. Each participant of the event can make a donation to the VIVA foundation! (By sending transfer to the Foundation’s account)
… because helping is easier than you think!